Monday, January 5, 2009

The beginning.

In The Name of Allah ,The Most Merciful and The Bestower of Mercy
So the footsteps going on.
On and on.
Move and move.
Forward and forward.
To and fro.
Rather it was a dream.
And still till now.
Starting to distorting.
Shall I not grumbling.
As the time passes by.
Not waiting.
And so it was the beginning.
So there I met.
The sisters of childhood time.
When I was used to play with them.
When I was used to trick them.
So there I met.
The grown up ones.
Still smiling.
Still knowing
That I know her.
So there I met.
The sister to my sisters,once ago.
Solehah the other...Damia the another.
Mia I called,the second one.
Request from her.
Lovely one.
So that day I met.
The walkway I walk.
Zafirah's I watched.
So that day I met.
T****** M******, I stand.
With all the new looks he glance.
Asking and knowing.
So that day I met.
The walkway she walk.
Ummi's I watched.
Two persons.
Two M******
Besides and besides.
So I couldn't hold my tears.
But I shall not let.
For I couldn't bare.
So the footsteps going on.
North,its heading.
Near the place where kids are playing.
Studying and knowing.
So that place I sat.
The zebra-line she run.
Izyana's I watched.
As she stopped by.
With red smile.
Saying the line.
"Mama is here!"
So the footsteps going on.
More faster.
More accelerate.
So that day I met.
One person.
Shall this miss.
Fade the tears just before.
Mama and her children.
Fawwaz and Fatin.
Her hand I was holding.
Her I was carrying.
All the miserable feeling.
Allahumma inni dho'ifun faqowwini.
So that day they got an ice-cream.
So beautiful,life of the Fitrah's.
So the footsteps going on.
The playground,its heading.
Sat on the swing.
LOVE LETTER ,I am holding.
His Creation I watched.
So wide.
For it if it is my heart.
So the swing I swing.
The road,caught my eyes.
The cheerful noise,caught my ears.
The sing of the LOVE LETTER.
I suppose.
Reciting Al-Baqarah.
Without looking.
So,so as I let.
The tears to flow.
The wind with, willing to blow.
So that day I met.
The feeling.
So that day I met.
Most challenging of.
I met.
When it all were so.
So it was the beginning.........
I am so strong.
I am so sad.
So let the sad be sad.
As the strong shall I gain strong.
Or think ye that ye will enter
paradise while yet there hath not come unto you the like of (thatwhich came to) those who passed away before you ? Affliction and adversitybefell them, they were shaken as with earthquake,
till the messenger (of Allah) and those who believed along with him said: When cometh Allah’s help ? Now surely Allah’s help is nigh.

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